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Discover New Games

Everyone, gamers and studios alike, starts earning rewards immediately without upfront investments of time or money!

Zero complexity

No need to figure out how blockchain and crypto work – the devs integrate the API, the gamers use our launcher, and everyone wins!

Redeem Rewards

Once you save enough rewards, redeem them for all sorts of digital and physical items!

Earn rewards without the complexity of crypto

Once your favorite game(s) join The One Network, just download The One App and use it to launch them. While you play, you’ll earn rewards.

Once you’re ready, you can use those rewards within The One App to solve puzzles which earn you royalties, sell rewards to other players they can use to solve puzzles, or redeem your rewards for liquid value

  1. Be rewarded for time invested in your favorite games
  2. Real-world rewards marketplace experience
  3. Be rewarded in your sleep by storing your rewards in the magic chest

Outsource the tokenomics to the experts

Don’t risk breaking your game when you add a rewards system – The One Network allows you to keep things exactly the way you want them while adding a rewards layer designed and maintained by experienced token developers. We take care of everything, just sit back and start earning your share of the rewards for bringing players to the Network!

  1. No integration and no registration fees
  2. Get more hours played
  3. Earn for each players joining the network

Leverage Web2 to segregate token supply

Traditional gamers with little or no interest in crypto nevertheless create scarcity for the Network’s token. Nobody needs to know crypto to participate – every gamer out there can earn token rewards, lock them away, then redeem them for rewards in the future. The token value is thus not derived from hype, but from players accumulating and using it just like in-game currencies

  1. Liquid NFTs with strong store of value utility for the players community
  2. Gem dedicated decentralized AMM liquidity pool (LP)
  3. Gem staking to reap a share of the LP fees