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Encourage gamers to achieve great things in your games

You know the value of awarding achievements to gamers who complete various tasks in your games – add monetary value to those achievements with gold trophies

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Olympic medals are made of gold – your gamers should earn gold trophies too!

All our rewards are backed by gold; specific achievement awards are no different. Start giving your players trophies backed with real physical gold instead of just 1s and 0s

Integrate our API and webhooks to set the achievements you want to reward

Unlike most of our services, this one requires some integration on your end. Incorporate our SDK into your games so we know when your gamers earn the achievements you want to award trophies for


Trophies are owned by the players and backed by physical gold

We use blockchain technology to create achievement trophies that are backed by the same gold we use for other rewards. Players own their trophies and can do whatever they wish with them

Redemption and liquidation provide real world value to all achievement trophies

If users don’t care to keep their trophy but would prefer the cash value, they can “melt it down” and unlock the underlying gold. This gold can be redeemed, sold, or used to buy goods from our store


Incentivize gamers to finish games via achievement trophies made from digital gold