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Earn loyalty rewards for playing your favourite games.

What Are Gold Flakes

Gold Flake rewards

Gold Flakes are small bits of gold you earn while using One App. They are awarded once you finish playing a game based on how much you actually played.

Different games award flakes at different rates! Look for featured and supercharged games to earn the most for your time, and feel free to tell your favorite games’ creators to register with us so you can earn more!

Real-time Rewards

The game you play determines the amount of flakes you earn each minute. Rewards are paid out shortly after you close your game.

Our AI integrations make sure only time spent actually playing a game is counted. No cheating allowed! Launching a game then putting your phone down and walking away pays nothing.

Get real prizes

Once you save enough rewards, redeem them for gift cards and other digital (or even physical) items within the app!

Our service providers allow you to exchange your Flakes for hundreds of gift cards, and marketplace integrations will enable you to buy almost anything with your flakes!

Own your earnings

Anyone can withdraw their rewards via blockchain to any ERC-20 compatible wallet. All rewards are backed by gold using the GODL token, the smart way to own gold, as its gold value grows over time.

Convert your flakes to GODL and they will be sent to your in-app wallet. From there, you can do whatever you want with them!


Store rewards as gold

Flakes have a fixed US Dollar value, but are backed by gold using a crypto token called GODL

For every flake awarded, there is GODL held in reserve. GODL is 100% gold-backed at a rate which grows with every GODL transaction. Convert your flakes to GODL at any time to get the benefits owning an asset which not only protects against inflation, but slowly gains purchasing power

For savers

Keeping your rewards in Gold Flakes means you miss out on the growth in the value of gold. Also, since the gold value of each GODL token is always growing, converting rewards to GODL means your rewards enjoy additional growth on top of gold’s inherent inflation-resistance.

For spenders

While it’s easier to spend Gold Flakes in the One App, GODL can be taken anywhere. You can sell it on an exchange, exchange it for physical gold via Paxos, or spend it wherever you like. Our partners’ forthcoming merchant services solution enables you to spend your GODL almost everywhere!

Maximize your rewards potential

New users start off with a monthly earning limit of 500 Gold Flakes. To earn more, you need to boost your earning limit!

Thankfully, there’s many ways to raise your potential. You can follow us on social media, invite your friends to start using the One App, help our game studio partners gain exposure, and more!

When your friends use your referral link to start using One App, we’ll give them a 100 Gold Flake bonus once they play for a few hours. They earn, and your earning potential goes up. It’s a win-win!

Gift Cards (Amazon, Starbuck, Steam etc..)

Spotify songs

Subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, etc)