Earn loyalty rewards for playing your favourite games.

What is Essence

Essence rewards

Essence in the gamers currency. It is the vehicle for players’ rewards. It is granted at an hourly rate that is always displayed in the app.

Essence is evanescent – it needs to be redeemed for prizes or gems or it will evaporate after 30 days. Redeeming for gems is an easy way for players to accumulate rewards overtime and get better prizes!

Rewards by the hour

Our algorithm determines an hourly rate that players will earn, in essence, for each complete hour played. This is calculated by the minute and paid at the top of every hour, when the hourly award rate is recalculated.

Redeem for
real-world prizes

Once you save enough rewards, redeem them for all sorts of digital and physical items!

Manifest into gems

Since essence is evanescent, accumulating it over time requires that players manifest it into gems. Gems can be used in our “candy crush” game, in which players merge these gems into bigger ones. Bigger gems enable players to earn rewards by storing it in their “magic chest” for a period of time.

what is a gem

Store essence in gems

Gems come with two (2) distinct properties. Generation and Level.

  1. Generation represents the base $OGI amount that was used to create a Level One (1) gem of that generation.
  2. Levels represent the sheer size of the gem, each generation has a maximum amount of gems that can ever be created. Each generation has a maximum level for gems. Gem levels are gained by merging gems of the same generation and the same level.
For players

Gems are how players store their essence rewards for longer periods of time. Players also use gems to play the in app merging game, which itself provides rewards! Players create gems using essence and can trade (buy/sell) them in the app.

For traders

Gems are liquid NFTs redeemable for the underlying $OGI tokens used to create them. The player community needs Gems, which creates volume and scarcity. Gems can be created from $OGI token and traded in the Gem Dex.

Store of value

Gems are used as a store of value for the player community’s rewards. They are used to claim prizes in the real world and can be created or exchanged by players.

Liquid NFT

Gems are liquid NFTs. This means that the amount of $OGI token needed to create (mint) them can be unlocked/redeemed by returning the Gem to the pool. Gem value is therefore derived from its underlying $OGI and its utility status as the reserve store of value for player rewards.

Gem dedicated LP dex

The One Network features an internal dedicated gem dex, that uses a standard LP approach. Gems can be bought and sold against the liquidity pool. Furthermore, users can participate in the LP with gem and native token liquidity adding to the initial pool we launch and earn 1.25% of the LP fees. This adds another layer of liquidity to the gems and serves to facilitate users monetizing via the ecosystem without needing to redeem gems back into $OGI.

Gift Cards (Amazon, Starbuck, Steam etc..)

Spotify songs

Subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, etc)